Ceramics workshop- part I

Yesterday I have my dream come true – we went to the ceramics (real ceramics!) workshop to lovely Vilija and Osvaldas (https://www.facebook.com/VilijaOsvaldasCeramics?fref=ts). They live near Panevezys in beautiful and quiet place, surrounded by meadows and forests. You can see the artists live there:

IMG_3687 IMG_3696

We went  together with my mom to the workshop – it was my birthday present for her. She was soo hapy and exited!

Soo… we had to start working. The begining was very timid – we look how our teacher Vilija manipulate with clay. By the way  – the clay was special – with the small grains, whichs dries fast and has very nice texture. It was very timid to touch the clay and start shaping it, but after 10 minutes we forgot we do not know how to do it – everybody was very involved and very busy – real artists!


-Do you need any music?

-No,thank you, we are busy !

My mom very concentrated on her work:


And the results were very rewarding:



Our lovely teacher Vilija is first from the left.

And I was soooo happy !


So now our creatures have to dry for about one week. Then will come glazing and encausting. Can’t wait to see the final result !  But ceramics learns to important things – the process is important, you need patience and can not be in hurry. Yes, learning enjoy the process !

You can see more photos from workshop here:


The second part will follow 🙂

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