House wall painting

One day somehow I came up with the idea – what would it look like to paint my house (outside) in different way?  I like the personal looks of the homes – both inside and outside.  It is good to feel that people are living comfortably in house; house is full of life and creativity. It is not necessary to have new expensive fashionable things and to do modern house repair works  – which usually looks nice, but is the same everywhere and is not personal at all.  What if I coud give a little bit personal look to my house? I was also inspired by  lady from . She is so brave woman! Kat is true inspiration! And the Heather from youtube videos about tiny houses : .  I am so happy we can share wonderful ideas with people who are far away from us physically, bet very close in soul. Thank you, both ladies !
Soooo , let’s get to work!
I shared this idea with my painting friends and our teacher.  We  meet and  paint once a week in wonderful craft and painting supplies shop. It’s like a club! 🙂   So I offered this opportunity for friends – to get experience by painting on my house wall. Should I tell I was very happy when they agreed?
It’s the beginning – evening before painting day  – the “before” look:


I can tell it is very spontaneous creation – we did not had clear plan or strict sketch  – we only came up with the idea – “it could be mandalas”. I love mandalas! Even if my friends never painted mandalas before, I was lucky they agreed to this idea!
Timid begining:
Painting and designing on the way.


Expert discussion:


even rain can not stop us:


but when the rain water starts dilute paint – it’s not good. So we had to stop that day.
Here comes the sunny day:


Look, how sun rays are playing on the texture and colours:






And the result for now:


Even if it is not finished yet, I already like the result. Than you, thank you, thank you, my friends!!!
P.S. there are some more photos:

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