Overlay crochet

My latest explorations with overlay crochet. After seeing amazing blanket at Lilla Bjorn blog here http://www.lillabjorncrochet.com/2015/11/about-winter-blanket-by-emma-aldous.html, I was so curiuos to try this technique. It is not that I have never seen it, but probably the time to try it came now. Oh, that blog ot Tatsiana Lilla Bjorn is just amazing. She has some free pattens as well,  I tried this one http://www.lillabjorncrochet.com/2015/06/circles-of-sun-mystery-cal-general.html  Well, yes, I did some moderations, but the rest I kept like in her pattern. The result is here:


I am quite happy with the result 🙂

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