How I design and make my knitted foxes pillows, part 2


I have finished the knitting part of my winter foxes pillows – I made 2 of matching designs. The fronts of the pillows are knitted and the backs will be fabric – I will sew it with sewing machine.

I was very lucky to find perfect fabric for the back. Where I found it? In fancy fabric shop? Noooo. In Ikea! 100% cotton  – that is what I wanted. It is quite thick, perfect for home textiles.

I like very much Ikea gives credit for the designer on the selvage. Jennifer Idrizi is Swedish designer. She designs for Ikea and other companies. My favourite collection of her designs for Ikea:

Fabric – sorted, now it is time for buttons. I was pondering, shall I put the buttons at the back, or should I leave slip in opening.
It is a pleasure to sew buttonholes with modern sewing machines (I remember dreading the projects which included buttonholes when I was a teenager – because you had to measure and sew very precisely).
Today my Brother Innov-Is 35 is doing the job very well  – just stick in the button to the special sewing feet, pick the stitch, press the foot – and it does job for you 🙂

And I love the buttons! Especially all sorts of the wooden ones 🙂

They are simple and lovely, aren’t they?
I will show you the final result in my next blog post. I hope to finish writing the knitting pattern by that time too!




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