Hi, I am Asta. In material world I live in West Midlands, United Kingdom. And this blog is my home online.

I believe happiness is the journey, not destination. I believe that happiness is about noticing small things in everyday life and being able to enjoy them. I want to be able to be happy every day, not only on occasion.

Knitting, crochet and other crafty things make me happy. I believe that art and craft is the best therapy ever. Actually, it is very important part of life – to create something and in my world – to create something cozy and beautiful, and colourful as well. It gives me that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

I share my creative process, inspiration and journey here – you are very welcome to join me.

The time we are living is exiting. There is movement of making and creating things by our own two hands going on. I am so happy and grateful to be the part of it!

Please join me on Instagram and Facebook, on Pinterest, comment on my blog posts and let me know about you.

If you would like to contact me, please do:

Thanks for visiting my cozy place!

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